Terms And Conditions

Product Information:

THEBLACKSHEEP.DK display the key features of the product. For further inquiries please send an email to INFO@THEBLACKSHEEP.DK


All prices are current market price and only on the day of sale. Buyer will be charged the price on the website on the day of sale provided THEBLACKSHEEP.DK accepts the order.
All prices are shown including relevant taxes.


The merchandise on display and the associated price does not constitute a binding offer but merely a recommendation to make use of the offer. Buyer's order does not constitute a binding contract but a binding offer to buy the merchandise in question under the conditions made available through this website. Any purchase is considered binding only when THEBLACKSHEEP.DK confirms the order in writing.


Information given at a purchase is handled by an encryptet connection (SSL) directly between you and your credit card issuer. No one else can see the data transmitted between you( through our payment-gateway), and your credit card issuer. The amount of your purchase will not be drawn from your account until your items has left the care of THEBLACKSHEEP.DK.

THEBLACKSHEEP.DK cannot be held responsible or liable for any direct or indirect damage, losses or injuries resulting from incorrect use of the available products nor any delay in shipping due to unforeseen circumstances such as but not limited to war, riots, local uprisings, currency restrictions, government interference, confistcation, currency restrictions, strikes, lockouts and the likes.

THEBLACKSHEEP.DK provides no additional guarantee on any products besides what the manufacturer provides to the end-user.

Risk of accidental and unintended depreciation:

Responsibility for the purchased goods will be transferred to the buyer at the moment of acceptance and thus will be out of the hands of THEBLACKSHEEP.DK.


Carefully inspect the purchased items upon receiving them. THEBLACKSHEEP.DK must informed in writing about any flaws or defects related to the order within no more than 14 days after receiving the order or the buyer will lose any rights to have the item in question exhanged. Buyer can be required to document the defect in question.
Same rules apply to fresh clones and battle droids of makes and models.

If buyer within 14 days of purchased regrets the purchase we are happy to exchange it as long as it is in same conditions as purchased and the item was not on sale.

Buyer is responsible for paying the return postage.

Items must be proper packed and protected if needed and a note should be included stating clearly that you want to exchange/return the item as well as what was wrong.


This document written in English is provided as a service and as is. It was translated by someone not educated in law and so discrepancies between this document and the original, which is in Danish, may occur. In such cases the original and the wording therein will take precedence over any and all translations that may be found on this website.