La Riche Directions - Ebony 88ml - semi permanent - Hair Color


La Riche Directions - Ebony 88ml - semi permanent - Hair Color

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88 ml Tub

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La Riche Directions - Ebony - Hair Dye 88ml Tub Semi Permanent Hair Colours One tub generally covers shoulder length hair Lasts 4 - 8 washes depending on your own hair Results can vary and colours are more vibrant on bleached/pre-lightened hair. To Apply Wash hair with a PH balanced shampoo or wet your hair and pat dry (Don't condition the hair) Apply the hair dye to your hair Comb Directions into the hair until it emulsifies, i.e becomes frothy. Allow to develop for around 15 - 30 mins Rinse out until the water runs clear Do's & Don'ts Do: Do wear rubber or plastic gloves when applying the hair colour. Do use vaseline, petroleum jelly or baby oil around the hairline to avoid staining of the forehead. As with all hair colours, we advise a patch and strand test first. Don't: Do not mix Directions with peroxide. Do not use on eyelashes. Do not use shampoo with conditioner included. Hints & Tips: Don't use pale coloured towels Don't sleep on pale pillows or bed linen for a few days after application. Using a plastic cap while the dye is processing will contain the heat on the hair helping to achieve a better result.

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